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Suchin is extremely knowledgeable, exceptionally gentle 

Suchin is an amazing practitioner of Chinese medicine.  As a fellow licensed acupuncturist, I trust her for my own health care.  She is extremely knowledgeable, exceptionally gentle and creates an amazing space where healing can truly take place.  I highly recommend Suchin to anyone and everyone who wants to take advantage of all that this extraordinary medicine has to offer.  She is the real deal.


-Korin O.



Gave me a clear treatment plan and helped me understand what to expect


I have seen several acupuncturists in the past for pain relief and to help me with a chronic adrenal problem but I always walked away slightly unsatisfied because of the price and some discomfort from the needle placement.

Suchin Kang, on the other hand, has an incredibly gentle touch with her acupuncture needles (especially for this needle-phobe) and the atmosphere in here clinic in Banker's Hill/Hillcrest is both beautiful and relaxing. In addition, her fees are more reasonable than others I have seen and she worked with my insurance as well. I seriously walk out of my treatments invigorated and euphoric and the sessions are so relaxing that I always fall into a nice therapeutic sleep - before I know it, she is back to take the needles out! 

In addition, Suchin recommended some great herbs to help my adrenal glands (i  really notice the difference in my energy) and a great tea that helps me sleep better. I also love that it's not the hard sell I have experienced with chiropractors. She gave me a clear treatment plan and helped me understand what to expect. She is able to explain the process in simple terms which I really like; I feel like I understand Chinese medicine much better now and how it differs from the Western outlook.

I cannot more highly recommend Suchin. I wish I had met her sooner!


-C. G



Great atmosphere: beautiful, cozy, clean and relaxing

I went to see Suchin for my first ever time receiving acupuncture. I would ABSOLUTELY go back and recommend that anyone else - new or not - visit Suchin. 

She did a fabulous job explaining how acupuncture works before we got started, which helped put me at ease. She clearly knows what she's doing! When she asked what I wanted worked on today (back issues and immunity) Suchin listened closely and was very caring. Afterward I felt incredibly relaxed. 

Another bonus is the studio - So beautiful, cozy, clean, and relaxing. I love the house Suchin works in. Great atmosphere. You'll feel right at home! 

All in all I really enjoyed the experience. Big thanks again to Suchin!


-Danielle B.



Leaving relaxed, an excellent way to begin the week


After having trouble sleeping and always feeling tired throughout the day, I decided to make a visit to Suchin.  It only took a few sessions for sleep filled nights to set in and it feels amazing to be able to make it through my days without wanting to take a midday nap.  
I continue to visit Suchin for acupuncture because I want to continue with the overall improvement I have experienced in my quality of life.  I look forward to my Monday appointment- drinking a warm cup of tea in the cozy and extremely well decorated waiting room, chatting with Suchin, resting while the acupuncture works it's magic and ending with an amazing foot massage.  Leaving relaxed, it is an excellent way for me to begin the week ahead.


-Sara F.



She demonstrates how healthcare really should be provided


I have been seeing Suchin for acupuncture for about 3 months, and it has truly changed my life.  My general health has improved, and people comment that my skin is clearer.  I am learning a lot about how to bring balance to my entire life, and how to pay attention to my body and adjust my acitivites in response to what I need.  I cannot say enough about how amazing Suchin is in her practice.  I am always completely revived and refreshed after acupuncture.  She is knowledgable, provides additional resources, and addresses every concern without rushing.  She demonstrates how healthcare really should be provided.


-Claire M.



Hadn't felt that good in a long time


I am so grateful to have found Acupuncturist Suchin Kang. After a roller coaster year of dealing with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis I came to Suchin desperately searching for something that would help me just get through the day. It was my first time taking acupuncture, and I wasn't sure what to expect, however the acupuncture session went great, that night I slept like a baby and the very next day I felt the difference. I had to call her just to let her know, it was the strangest feeling, I hadn't felt that good in a long time! Needless to say I was hooked, I kept going back and sure enough my condition improved so much everyone around me started to notice. I recommend Suchin to all my friends, and they all loved her just the same. THANK YOU SUCHIN!


-Maria L.


Got pregnant


I have been seeing Suchin regularly for over a year now for various issues. She helped relieve my shoulder pain, back pain, heartburn, and other discomforts.  We then started working on issues with my menstruation and possible fertility because I had been trying to get pregnant for 5 months.  I saw dramatic improvements in my periods and...I got pregnant!  I am now looking forward to Suchin helping me in the healthy development of my baby!  Other than her expertise, Suchin is sensitive, trusting, and caring. She has been a joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!!!! Thanks Suchin!!


-Jessica L.



Helped me out tremendously


I don't usually Yelp people or things, but Suchin is amazing. I went to her for stomach issues that I have been having all my life. A month later, my stomach is 100% improved! I still get the occasional belly ache, due usually to my bad choices in eating. I no longer feel ill every time I eat, or for no reason at all! Through acupuncture and herbs Suchin was able to get my body working normally for the first time in years! It is amazing. She is amazing! 

If you are looking for an acupuncturist and herbalist, Suchin is the way to go. Her place of business is very calming, as is her nature. She has helped me out tremendously.


-Bethnay D.



Feel great after every session, and the effects are long lasting


Suchin is WONDERFUL!!!  I've had acupuncture treatments from a large handful of therapists for allergies, but Suchin is by far, my favorite.  She is so positive and professional and comfortable to work with, and most importantly, her practice is effective. I feel great after every session, and the effects are long lasting.  She's incredibly knowledgeable about her products, and very appreciative of her clients' business.  The atmosphere is extremely calm and relaxing, clean, modern...just downright awesome.  Especially for clients who are new to Acupuncture, I highly recommend Suchin as a nice, easy merge into eastern medicine treatments.


-Jasmine W.



Makes you feel very comfortable


I'm going to keep this review short and sweet. I love Suchin like Paula Dean loves butter! I've gone to her for a number of issues from stress management to back pain to digestive issues to the common cold. She's always listened and has been affective. She's sweet, kind, and makes you feel very comfortable.  Everyone that I've recommended to her has been impressed and grateful to have found her also. I leave feeling amazing and peaceful! If I could go in everyday of the week I would!


-Nicole K.


An extraordinary practice


I recently had my first acupuncture treatment at this clinic, at the recommendation of a good friend.  I walked away from the experience feeling renewed, refreshed, and relaxed, and recommend Suchin Kang wholeheartedly.  Suchin made me feel relaxed from the moment I walked into the clinic, a lovely historic home near Balboa Park.  My treatment began with a consultation in a sun-filled, airy, quiet room adorned with an exquisite antique kimono.  Suchin gave me her undivided attention, displaying deep empathy for my condition and a soothing, gentle demeanor.  She thoroughly and clearly explained the theory behind every step of the treatment.  Suchin's warm approach and professional acumen have converted me to the healing power of acupuncture.  This is an extraordinary practice!


-Mieszko B.



Provided me with considerable relief from back pain


Suchin is amazing. It's that simple.

I have been a member of the lower back pain club for several years and, prior to meeting Suchin, I had seen my share of doctors, specialists, surgical procedures, physical therapists, and, of course, the inevitable oxycodone/percocet.

Happily, that is all behind me now - thanks to Suchin and her considerable talents in the application of acupuncture treatment.

Not only has she provided me with considerable relief from my back pain, but I actually look forward to the social aspect of our bi-weekly "maintenance sessions". This lady is an absolute gem.


-Chris S.



Definitely recommend her


Suchin is awesome! I went to see her for my pelvic issue, she discussed treatment plan together with me and gave me acupuncture and herbs. I felt much better after several treatments. She's also very patient and considering, she listened to all my symptoms and explained to me about them with her medical knowledge. I'll definitely recommend her to other people who have ob/gyno concerns.


-Xuecong Z.



A vital part to quitting smoking


Suchin was a vital part of me being able to quit smoking!
Acupuncture was a big part of my quit plan, which also included breath-controlled meditation and the patch.  Moved to gum and lozenges, switching from one to the other but gave all that up within the first 2 weeks.

After 42 years of smoking and many failed attempts to quit I just celebrated ONE YEAR not smoking.  
Thanks Suchin!!!!!!


-Henry P.



A beautiful and soothing place


I have been seeing Suchin for about 6 months now and she is really terrific. She's an incredible listener (which is pivotal for correct diagnosis!) and her office is such an beautiful, soothing place. Every time I come in with something (a cold or lingering stomachache) she's been able to knock it out completely, usually in just 1 session. I am now seeing her to keep in tip-top shape to get pregnant and I can already feel general improvements in my health from the regular visits. Thanks for your kindness and expertise, Suchin!


-Stephanie N.



Helped ease stress


I have gone to Suchin to help ease day-to-day stress without the use of pharmacuticals.  She is very professional and provides excellent treatments in a relaxing setting.  She also advised me on herbal supplements to help with stress and overall well being.
Her office is centrally located with plenty of free parking.  The converted Victorian house provides a cozy setting for the treatments.  I will continue to go to her for my acupuncture needs.


-Nichole A.




Helped to induce me (labor) and my delivery was very fast and as my body was ready


Suchin is a miracle worker. From the moment you step into her office a sense of calmness falls upon you putting you into a peaceful state. Suchin is very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. You are in very good hands. I have been seeing for over a year for various ailments from insomnia to headaches and relaxation. I always walk out of her office feeling renewed and reinvigorated. She is a very good listener, and she will really work with so that receive the best treatment. You owe it to yourself, go see Suchin!
I would like to add that I went to see Suchin during my pregnancy and she was very helpful in helping me to stay calm and healthy throughout the 9 months.  She also helped to induce me and my delivery was very fast and as my body was ready. I highly recommend her!


-Deborah M.



A wonderful healer


I feel so lucky to have found Suchin. I have relied on acupuncture for many years for stress relief, immune system help, and neck problems. When I moved to SD, it took me a long time to find an acupuncturist  who made me feel comfortable and I felt was trustworthy. 

Suchin fits the bill and then some. She is a wonderful healer and listener with a calming a positive presence. She is exceptionally attentive and caring.  

I feel privileged to have her be a part of my life and health routine.


-Mandita P.



It's been life changing, really


After being chronically sick (a nasty flu, cough, cold cycle) for 3 months, a friend suggested that I try acupuncture and referred me to Suchin.  I've now been a loyal patient for about 2 years. 

I had always been intrigued by acupuncture but was hesitant to try it because: 1) I hate needles (like, major phobia), 2) its an added healthcare expense, and 3) I didn't know where to start or who to go to. But after 3 months of being sick non-stop and receiving absolutely NO healthcare guidance from my regular doctor, I was beyond frustrated with conventional Western medicine and was desperate to try anything that could boost my immunity and get me WELL again. 

Not only did Suchin help strengthen my immune system and get me back on track, but she also continues to relieve me of monthly migraines, stress, sleeplessness and other issues (like jet lag and digestive problems from international travel).  Suchin also recommended some Chinese herbs that help compliment the work we do during my treatments.

And as far as my original hesitations: 1) Needles? Suchin is extremely gentle and you can't really feel them once they are all place...the only thing you do feel is relaxed!  2) Expense? It really comes down to what your health is worth to you. Invest in your wellbeing. The benefits I've received from going to acupuncture completely outweigh the cost.  You don't realize how "off" your system is until you get it back on the right track and feel like your best self again, which is how I feel after seeing Suchin.  Plus, her pricing is quite competitive and she works with my insurance.  3) Where to start? Now you know where to go--to Suchin!! She's incredibly knowledgeable, patient, takes a holistic approach and truly cares about your wellbeing.  I can't express how thankful I am to have found's been life changing, really. (I know, it sounds dramatic, but it's true!)

Lastly, the office is in a great location, has a clean, simple, and modern design and is quite welcoming!


-Molly P.



The most nurturing, patient, and empathetic practitioners around


I've been to several acupuncturists over the years, for a variety of issues- asthma, migraines, several injuries, etc. I discovered Suchin a year ago when I returned from New York- and hands down, she is one of the very best I have ever had!

I travel extensively, and make it a point to see her whenever I can. I have found Suchin to be one of the most nurturing, patient, and empathetic practitioners around. When she works, she answers my incessant questions about Chinese medicines and herbs, patiently and happily explains details of the treatment and possible causes of the issue at hand, and is always there to follow up with me, even while I am traveling!

I leave appointments with Suchin feeling completely relaxed and slightly 'blissed out'. But even better- my asthma has decreased markedly, my ankle injury healed incredibly fast (so fast, that my physical therapist was in awe that I was not in as much pain as I should have been - due to the nature of the ligament tears), and even better- I have experienced a better quality of life since seeing her.

You won't find a more caring, thorough, or dedicated practitioner. I recommend her to anyone who is experiencing health issues of any kind- or even just looking for a maintenance of good health and energy.


-Priti G.



A gifted acupuncturist, supportive and understanding


Suchin is a gifted acupuncturist. I started seeing her for both stress and to help me get off birth control pills after being on them for over 15 years. I had suffered from polycystic ovaries and was put on the pill to manage my hormones at an early age. Changes in lifestyle and views of synthetic hormones made me wish to get off the pill and see if I could manage things myself. The symptoms of PCOS are not pleasant and I was very nervous about how my body would react. Suchin had plenty of experience with women in my situation and guided me through a 3 month prep period to prepare my body for the shift off the pill. She was supportive and understanding and I have had much success. I've been off the pill for over a year now, and my hormone levels are all perfect!


-Kerry K.


Helps you be the best that you can be


I have been going to Suchin for almost 3 years now! I had never been to acupuncture before and I now I am a loyal customer and believer in the "good medicine". Suchin is a very attentive, professional and caring individual. She really works to help you be the best that you can be and will bring you into a new state of calmness in her tranquil and cozy treatment rooms. The photos posted are spot on - modern, welcoming and calming - just what you need to make you feel better!


-K. S.



Someone to help you turn your health around


I was dealing with serious stress, focus and digestive issues when it was suggested that I go and see Suchin for the first time as a patient. I've known her for a long time (outside of her practice) and felt like it was a wise move.

She is so gentle with her questions about what is going on in your life while probing to figure out what is contributing to your health situation. Her experience working in acupuncture was apparent after my very first visit. She is very gentile when inserting the needles, only the really tender spots produced minor pinches when inserted. I was really surprised at how good I felt after the first time, and each session produced a little different end result. I looked forward to the "rest" time and really started to enjoy the meditation, music and healing that was going on during the treatment. The euphoric feeling during the treatment is something that I really like a lot. Sometimes you can really zone out and actually fall asleep - since treatments are around an hour long. When it is time to come back to reality, it feels like you've been on a zen vacation for a week.

I had a lot going on with my life and health, so it took a little while for my body to stay on track - but with sessions, supporting herbs and some diet changes things turned positive relatively quick. The location is great, the large old house that the practice is in is really well maintained and clean. The decor is really simple, yet maintaining a very nice Eastern touch. I believe she accepts some insurance, but is affordable enough that you can pay cash for ongoing treatments. If you are looking for someone to help you turn your health around, she is the person to see.


-Aaron T.



The reason I feel incredible, fit, and balanced

Walking into acupuncture the first day, I could never have known how influential Suchin would become in my life.  

I was first referred to Suchin by one of my best friends, who had drastic reproductive challenges and was pregnant within months of visiting Suchin.  When I stopped taking the birth control pill so my husband and I could try to start a family and my cycle did not return, I decided to try acupuncture.  I knew I wanted the acupuncturist who was able to change my friend's life.  I started weekly appointments with Suchin and concurrently went to my general practitioner once my cycle still had not returned a few months later.  

As Suchin was helping my body to get back in balance, I learned that I had a benign pituitary tumor that was preventing my body from ovulating.  Only my doctor did not tell me it was a benign tumor but rather just a tumor.  That was time number one I showed up for my appointment with Suchin a mess and in complete tears, and she was 100% responsible for calming me down and getting me through the next few months.  Over and over I would have traumatic experiences at the doctor and time and time again Suchin would have a perfectly logical explanation for what I was going through and was able to instantly diffuse my fears.  It was Suchin that helped me the most out of anyone as I learned that I will have to take pretty serious medication for the next twenty years.  It was Suchin that was able to make me feel in tune with my body and "fix" every symptom I felt or every bit of stress I felt as I had to tackle the most serious medical issue I've ever experienced.  She saw me through all of it and once I took the medicine, it was acupuncture that helped my cycle return and Suchin who was available to answer all my questions and give me concrete advice on how to become balanced.  

Once my cycle returned, Suchin was consistently able to tell me my pulse felt stronger and stronger and saw me through becoming pregnant the very next month!  As I am now four and a half months pregnant, I of course continue to see Suchin as she is an incredibly important aspect of this pregnancy.  I arrive and explain any of the symptoms I'm feeling and within an hour, I feel revived and healed.  I always tell her I get a week's worth of rest in one hour.  It is the highlight of my week and I feel so incredibly supported by Suchin.  I truly feel acupuncture is the reason I feel incredible, fit, and balanced.  

I also feel compelled to mention that I didn't expect the 'bedside manner' Suchin possesses.  Concurrent with my health issues, my life was complicated with outside factors such as parents getting divorced after 35 years, and a potential job layoff.  Suchin sensed this and we would and continue to talk about these factors within each and every session, helping me understand how these issues are linked to my overall balance and health.  For this reason, I think Suchin is particularly exceptional and incredibly talented at what she does.  Speaking to friends and acquaintances about their experiences with other acupuncturists, none seem to have anything close to the experience I've had.

It is with the highest recommendation for Suchin that I urge you to go see her for any ailment you may have.  She is remarkable.


-Erin B.




Relieved intense pain



Suchin is amazing. Major shoulder impingement issues, and she was able relieve intense pain that was waking me in the middle of the night. She's very gentle and knowledgeable. Knows her stuff. Highly recommended.


-Sara N.

-Hope T. age 8

-Hope T. age 8

-Mia R. age 9

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